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Traversing The Creative Ebb And Flow

April 30, 2014 Access Consciousness

By Kalpana Raghuraman This is an article about how I use the tools of Access Consciousness® in my work as choreographer: traveling over the world creating dance performances and using these potent tools to bring arts and consciousness together. I love traveling for my work. I get to meet all kinds of people, learn from [...]

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Can Consciousness Change Your Cash Flow? Pt II

August 27, 2012 Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness™ is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In the previous article, we discussed some of the ways that the Access Consciousness “Ten Commandments” can be used to change your money situation. This is the second part in this series. In [...]

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You’re Invited to Leave Your Unconsciousness in San Francisco!

July 19, 2012 Access Consciousness

Have you left your heart in San Francisco? Would you like to? How about your unconsciousness and limitations? Now (well, soon) IS the time! Levels 2 & 3 are coming to San Francisco August 10-13, facilitated by the amazing Gary Douglas. The amazing Dr. Dain Heer will be doing his amazing private sessions, Energetic Synthesis [...]

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Want to Change Your Life? Get A Dictionary!

September 4, 2011 Access Consciousness

Have you tried everything in your attempts to change something in your life?  Assistance may be lurking where you least expect it—in that dusty dictionary on your shelf! How could that boring old book you haven’t looked at since you were in school be the key to creating what you’d like in your life? Looking [...]

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Could Consciousness Change the World?

July 24, 2011 Access Consciousness

Have you noticed that political scandals and revelations of public officials behaving, shall we say, in interesting ways, seem to be multiplying at a rapid rate? When the Watergate scandal unraveled in the 70’s the nation was glued to the TV screen, shocked not only by all the dirty tricks but also by the very [...]

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Affirmations have a good reputation in new age and self-development circles…how well do they really work?

July 1, 2011 Access Consciousness

How can you change what you’re saying to get better results? The reason that affirmations do not always work for everyone, according to Gary Douglas, best selling author and founder of Access Consciousness, is that they contain a judgment within them. That very polarity which is required for judgment to exist is the key to [...]

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Could Judgment Be Limiting YOUR Creativity? Scientific Research Backs up What Access Consciousness Founder, Gary Douglas, Has Been Saying for Years

June 3, 2011 Access Consciousness

Judgment is one of the greatest limitations to creativity, including creating your life, according to best selling author Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, a 20 year old self-awareness method offered in 25 countries world-wide. Whether you desire to be more creative you might consider changing the process of automatically judging that so many of [...]

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Five Questions to Ask to Get More Money in Your Life

June 3, 2011 Access Consciousness

Warning: This is NOT your usual investment OR positive thinking article. Read it at the peril of your poverty! What if everything you’d been taught or learned about money and wealth was out-of-date or incorrect? That has certainly been the experience of many people, even those who thought they were “financially secure,” during these times [...]

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Five Practices to Change Your Financial Situation Today!

June 3, 2011 Access Consciousness

At a time when the vast majority of Americans, Europeans, and most people that live on this planet, are nervous about their retirement, upset about the rising price of gas and other commodities, and losing sleep because of anger over their financial situation, one man is working with a group of clients whose incomes have [...]

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What if Sexuality Were Actually a Lie?

June 3, 2011 Access Body Class

How long have you been trying to get clear on your sexuality? How many years, how many seminars, how many heart to heart talks, how many agonizing arguments with how many lovers? What if the reason you haven’t been able to get clear about it is that some part of what we know to be [...]

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