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Sad Toddler

More than a century after people started lying on Freud’s couch, are people any happier?  Are families any more functional? Nothing that follows is intended as psychological treatment, which of course should be sought by those requiring it. But for the rest of us, what … [Read more...]

Law of Attraction and Relationships

Divorceless Relationships

The popular law of attraction is just one of the many sacred cows that Gary Douglas dissects in his recent book, Divorceless Relationships. If applying the law of attraction to get what you want isn’t working for you, you might want to consider taking a different point of … [Read more...]

Eight Week Relationship

Divorceless Relationships

Are you still looking for “the one” that you can settle down and live happily ever after with?  Is marriage or a non-formalized equivalent thereof part of that plan?  It might not be your best choice, says Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™ and best selling author.  … [Read more...]

Relationships done different

What if the best thing you could do for the success of your relationships were to be wrong? If you’re like most of us, raised in a family and a world which has made you wrong just for being you, you may feel like being wrong is the chasm you struggle to avoid at all times, … [Read more...]

If The Keys to Making Your Life Work Were Available, Would You Use Them?

If there were a set of simple guidelines that could change your life and enable you to have everything you’ve always asked for if you followed them, would you? Gary Douglas, best-selling author and founder of Access Consciousness has developed just this and jokingly calls them … [Read more...]