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Generosity of spirit… or my lack there of… and NOW what!?

June 19, 2014 Access Consciousness

Do you ever have a realization about yourself that you really don’t like? I was sitting in a class years ago with a bunch of other facilitators and was asked “if the person sitting next to you won $10,000,000 lottery at lunch, how many of you would be happy for them?” Everyone’s hands immediately shot [...]

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I’ve been asking for more

October 25, 2013 Access Consciousness

By Tamara Younker I’ve been asking for more.  And when I start choosing in the direction of more, it creates change.  And when change happens, things can often become turbulent and feel uncomfortable as I venture into unknown territory without familiar reference points.  I’ve come to call it “surfing the disequilibrium.” Change doesn’t have to [...]

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Introducing the 7 Leaders for a Conscious World, Demonstrating the Value of Controversy

December 3, 2012 Access Consciousness

Each of the 7 facilitators comprising Leaders for a Conscious World will be featured in a series of articles in the next few months. Together, they are featured on the new website, The Value of Controversy, which is also the name of their radio show on The radio show starts Tuesday, December 4, at [...]

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What Would Happen If You Began Creating The Right Relationship For You?

October 29, 2012 Access Consciousness

Have you ever been in a relationship that wasn’t working? And how much time did you spend focusing on all the ways it didn’t work? In the process of that analysis, did you make you wrong and your partner wrong because you couldn’t get your relationship right? Focusing on what is wrong always necessitates you [...]

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Denmark Kids Camp

September 13, 2012 ADD, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, OCD

“Be You and Change the World!” is a saying often used in Access Consciousness™, as well as the title of Dr. Dain Heer’s new book. One of the heartwarming places where this is occurring is in camps for teenagers in Denmark, thanks to the work of newly licensed facilitator Eva Dalhoff. Dalhoff works as a counselor in camps [...]

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What if Being Ambiguous Were A Key to Consciousness?

August 2, 2012 Access Consciousness

Ambiguity is not usually considered a strength, and it can even be considered a  weakness or an insult. On the contrary, according to best selling author and Access Consciousness™ founder Gary Douglas, it is an asset and a pathway to increasing your own consciousness. Yes, ambiguity does mean what you think it means: “unclear, uncertain, [...]

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Are you a seeker?

October 17, 2011 Access Consciousness

Are you a seeker? How many approaches have you tried in your attempts to have, do and be more?  More than you can count? Are you always wondering why things work so poorly in much of this society or reality, what else is possible, how things can be better?  Are you always looking to have [...]

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How to Create Your Life When Everything’s Changing So Fast

November 15, 2010 Access Consciousness

In times when everything is changing, and nothing you thought was true can be counted on, how do you go about creating the life you’d like to have? Access Consciousness, a 20-year-old self-improvement technique developed by Gary Douglas, has a number of tools to enable you to do just that-no matter what social or economic [...]

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