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Dr. Dain Heer Spreads His Magic To a Time and Topic That’s Near You

October 12, 2012 Access Consciousness

Dr. Dain Heer is a magician. One of his most recent magic tricks is to condense all of Access Consciousness™ — everything contained in many books including 2 on money, 2 on sex and relationships, 1 on magic, and so many more — into one amazing readable book. That book, of course, is Being You, [...]

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What Could You Change that You’ve Never Thought of Before?

October 9, 2012 Access Consciousness

Was it Mark Twain that said, “Everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it?” What if you could? Changing the weather, airline turbulence, prices of items in stores, availability of things that just were not possible can be everyday occurrences for those willing to consider that magic is possible, to refuse [...]

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Save The Earth

September 30, 2012 Access Consciousness

Pam Houghteling, certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator and mother of two, has been teaching people from all over the world to use consciousness to contribute to the earth, and inviting them to change their own lives at the same time. Access Consciousness™ Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas has long pointed out that the very polarity [...]

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Is Access Consciousness™ Really Weird?

July 4, 2012 Access Consciousness

“It’s weird, it’s wild, it’s wacky and it works!” has been Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas’s suggestion when new facilitators and practitioners ask him how to tell others about Access Consciousness™. But is Access Consciousness™ really so weird these days? Consider this: The popular TV series “Medium” about an “ordinary housewife” who was psychic including [...]

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And You Thought ‘The Place’ Was Just a Novel

November 27, 2011 Access Consciousness

No matter how long you’ve been involved in Access Consciousness™ Consciousness, if you’re not constantly surprised by founder Gary Douglas, then there’s a good chance you’re just not paying attention. During one of the Advanced Body Class, Gary waxed a bit philosophical about what it really takes to share the tools of Access Consciousness™, and [...]

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Are You Sure ‘Manifesting’ Is Really What You’d Like to Do?

July 1, 2011 Access Consciousness

Have you been diligently working at manifesting your desires? How’s that working for you? If it hasn’t been going as well as you would like, could it be due to the use of the word “manifest”? “If what’s showing up in your life is not what you would like, you might take a close look [...]

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Could Judgment Be Limiting YOUR Creativity?

June 3, 2011 Access Consciousness

Judgment is one of the greatest limitations to creativity, including creating your life, according to best selling author Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, a 20 year old self-awareness method offered in 25 countries world-wide. Whether you desire to be more creative you might consider changing the process of automatically judging that so many of [...]

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Five Questions to Create More Money

June 3, 2011 Access Consciousness

Warning: This is NOT your usual investment OR positive thinking article. Read it at the peril of your poverty! What if everything you’d been taught or learned about money and wealth was out-of-date or incorrect? That has certainly been the experience of many people, even those who thought they were “financially secure,” during these times [...]

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Five Practices to Change Your Financial Situation Today!

June 3, 2011 Access Consciousness

At a time when the vast majority of Americans, Europeans, and most people that live on this planet, are nervous about their retirement, upset about the rising price of gas and other commodities, and losing sleep because of anger over their financial situation, one man is working with a group of clients whose incomes have [...]

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Could You Be Your Own Psychic?

October 23, 2010 Access Consciousness

How many psychic readings have you had?  How helpful have they been?  What would it be like if you could find the answers you’re looking for yourself, without having to rely on anyone else’s opinion? According to Access Consciousness, accessing the information people usually go to psychics for is possible, potentially easy and available to [...]

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