What Makes Access Consciousness So Different?


Are you a seeker?  Have you always known there had to be more? I tried lots of different modalities before coming across Access Consciousness®. Over the years I’ve done Eastern and Western religions, followed a guru in India, was a very good astrologer, practiced every major form of meditation, and spent many years in 12 steps. […]

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4 Tools to Have a Stress Free Business

What does it truly take to have a business that is stress free? When Simone Milasas, author of Joy of Business, asked this question to the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas he replied: “One in which you are functioning always in the question of it.” So, what does “being in the question of your […]

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End the Judgment – Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

What would it be like to begin enjoying your body no matter what your size, shape, age or fitness level? You can stop old patterns and begin to enjoy your body by getting out of judgment. What if you could create the body you truly desire by creating a totally different relationship with it? “What […]

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