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Creating A Great Relationship – The Choice Is Yours

May 28, 2014 Gary M. Douglas

In order to have a great relationship, it must be something that you’re choosing, not something that you have decided that you have to have.  Gary Douglas says: “ It’s all about choice, get clear on if you really want a relationship, and if so, what works for you and what works for the other [...]

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What Do The 5 Elements of Intimacy Really Mean?

September 12, 2013 Access Consciousness

It’s one thing to nod your head when Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer talk about the 5 elements of intimacy.  It’s quite another to live them. As a reminder, they are honor, trust, allowance, vulnerability, and gratitude. As I travel the world sharing the Access Consciousness® tools with people relative to relationships, I have [...]

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What Would a Pragmatic Approach to Relationships Look Like?

December 11, 2012 Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness™ Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas has a different way of looking at relationships, just as he has a different way of looking at just about everything. The twice-divorced father of 4 and grandfather of 3 has worked with thousands of people on this challenging subject, individually and in his classes offered worldwide. [...]

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A Man of Science Discovers Consciousness, Just Like Gary’s Been Saying

November 17, 2012 Access Consciousness

One of the more challenging aspects of Access Consciousness™ is to communicate the existence of consciousness beyond thinking and beyond our brain. “If you’re thinking, you’re stinking,” “Your mind is a terrible thing, waste it,” and “Your mind can only define the limitations of what you already know” are all attempts to make us perceive [...]

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Do You Really Just Gotta Have Friends?

October 20, 2012 Access Consciousness

You know your parents can drive you crazy. You’ve found out from experience that your relationship(s) can drive you crazy. Have you considered that another source of insanity and limitation in your world might be your friends? “Friendship is the last bastion of our insanity that there will always be somebody there for us,” says [...]

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October 4, 2012 Access Consciousness

More than a century after people started lying on Freud’s couch, are people any happier?  Are families any more functional? Nothing that follows is intended as psychological treatment, which of course should be sought by those requiring it. But for the rest of us, what if there were practical tools for dealing with families that [...]

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Can Consciousness Change Your Cash Flow? – Pt VII

September 18, 2012 Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness™ is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In the previous article,some ways that the Access Consciousness™ “Ten Commandments” can be used to change your money situation were discussed. This article is the seventh in a series that will explain more [...]

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Law of Attraction and Relationships

July 30, 2012 Access Consciousness

The popular law of attraction is just one of the many sacred cows that Gary Douglas dissects in his recent book, Divorceless Relationships. If applying the law of attraction to get what you want isn’t working for you, you might want to consider taking a different point of view. It’s your points of view that [...]

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Winning the Lottery

September 7, 2011 Access Consciousness

Would you be willing to wake up tomorrow morning and not know who you were? No? Well, this may seem far fetched, but what if that unwillingness were stopping you from being able to win the lottery, and keeping you from having everything else you’ve asked for in life as well? How can this be [...]

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Want to Change Your Life? Get A Dictionary!

September 4, 2011 Access Consciousness

Have you tried everything in your attempts to change something in your life?  Assistance may be lurking where you least expect it—in that dusty dictionary on your shelf! How could that boring old book you haven’t looked at since you were in school be the key to creating what you’d like in your life? Looking [...]

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