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A Foundation to Change Your Life


Is the foundation you’ve built to support your whole life, the structure that’s preventing you from creating the change you need and desire? For how long have you known that things in your life needed to change and be different than they are right now, and what’s been holding … [Read more...]

Letting Go of Your Knickers…. Pragmatic Psychology in Action!

Psychology used to be the Study of Knowing

Have you ever taken a psychology class or read one of those books where a dead guy tells you about how the world functions? Did you get frustrated, bored and had the sudden urge to raise your middle finger, while everybody around you nodded as if they understood it all and found … [Read more...]

World Without Upset….Access Consciousness® Offers Tools that You Can Use to Create That For Yourself


If there were tools to end the upsets in your life, would you use them?  Access Consciousness®, founded by best selling author Gary Douglas, has several of these tools! “Every upset is an invention,” he says.  “It’s something you made up.  It’s not real.” One easy way to change … [Read more...]