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What Makes Access Different?

January 22, 2014 Access Consciousness

By Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, MEd, CFMW Are you a seeker?  Have you always known there had to be more?   I tried lots of different modalities before finding Access Consciousness®. Over the years I’ve done Eastern and Western religions, followed a guru in India, was a very good astrologer, practiced every major form of meditation, and [...]

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If you’re thinking, you’re stinking!

November 11, 2013 Access Consciousness

“If you’re thinking, you’re stinking” is a frequently quoted observation in Access Consciousness.  The difference between the “aha” moment when everything falls into place is described as knowing, whereas thinking is trying to figure things out. “If you could have figured out whatever’s bothering you, wouldn’t you have solved the problem a long time ago?” [...]

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Lots of Helpful Secrets Lurk in Talk to the Animals

October 23, 2013 Access Consciousness

Have You Found Them Yet? Quick!  When might you use Exit Stage Left in connection with clearing entities?  No idea?  When did you last read Talk to the Animals? What’s Exit Stage Left?  It’s an Access Consciousness® process that can be performed verbally, including at a distance, as well as hands-on.  It is very useful [...]

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Breaking Into Prison With Access Consciousness®: Yet Again, It Doesn’t Look Like You Think It’s Going To!

October 9, 2013 Access Consciousness

By Dr Kacie Crisp “It never turns out to look like you think it’s going to look,” Dr. Dain Heer frequently reminds his clients and colleagues who are asking for something they think they would like. I recently found this to be so true, in a surprise way I had not expected. The 18-month adventure [...]

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The Freedom to Be Wrong

September 4, 2013 Access Consciousness

By Susanna Mittermaier One of the greatest things I changed with Access Consciousness® is the freedom to be wrong. My whole live I felt wrong for everything. I was extremly judgmental of myself and would censur every word that came out of my mouth and what came out I thought about and tried to figure [...]

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Would You Like to Disappear Tomorrow’s Messes BEFORE They Happen?

August 8, 2013 Access Consciousness

Who determines the life you wake up to each morning?  Would you like to thank them or strangle them?  And if that person or thing were you, then what? Recognizing that it’s you that’s creating your future could open a door to creating something different.  If you created the mess you’ve got, you also have [...]

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Being an Invitation to Consciousness on Facebook

July 23, 2013 Access Consciousness

By Lisa Murray Do you have a love-hate stop-start relationship with Facebook… “It’s not you Facebook, it’s me!!”   What if YOU are the fun, joy and invitation to consciousness that is missing from Facebook?  YOU!  Gorgeous amazing brilliant YOU!! Gary Douglas has been talking about the invitation to consciousness that being ’social’ can be – [...]

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You CAN’T Repeat an Access Class!

July 8, 2013 Access Consciousness

Did you know that it’s impossible to repeat an Access Consciousness® class? How so?  There are many reasons! One reason is the effectiveness of the clearing statement.  That familiar “POC and POD” goes to the point of creation of the issue being cleared and makes it disappear as if with a poof of Harry Potter’s [...]

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Science Discovers Reasons to Ask, Who Does It Belong To?

June 23, 2013 Access Consciousness

“Where’s the scientific evidence that 98% of our thoughts feelings and emotions don’t belong to us?” asked someone who posted on an Access Consciousness® Facebook page.  Her husband was demanding proof of this common assertion by Access Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas and many of the facilitators he has trained. As so often happens, [...]

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Gary Shares His Best Tricks in “Lies, Lines, and Manipulations” Telecall Wouldn’t You Like to Have the Magic He Creates in Your Life?

June 5, 2013 Access Consciousness

Have you ever noticed there are a lot of lies and mis-conceptions about lies floating about?  You’re not supposed to do it, ever, yet we all do it every day and watch others doing the same.  What if what we believed about lies were actually a lie in itself?  What else would be possible? What [...]

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