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Ocean 300

Facilitating The Earth

June 30, 2011 Access Consciousness

Are you aware of the incredible contribution and gift you can be to this beautiful planet? Would you be willing to step into even more of that? Pam Houghteling’s Facilitating The Earth free monthly tele-class is an amazingly dynamic and joyful way to join others in gifting and receiving with the earth. I recently spoke [...]

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How Can We Be Prepared For Earth Changes?

March 22, 2011 Access Consciousness

How Can We Be Prepared for Earth Changes? Whether changes on the earth are accelerating or not, and most people would say they are, the recent disasters in Japan and New Zealand have illustrated the sudden and dramatic nature of changes which can occur. How can we be prepared for this? One way anyone can [...]

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OCEAN 300 ~OUR WATER OUR WORLD Changing the Legacy of Plastic Contamination for Future Generations

September 7, 2010 Ocean 300

Ocean 300 updates: We are excited to have come such a long way in a short space. What began as a target to sail 300 people on a Sea Voyage to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the North Pacific Ocean, has transpired into setting up a not-for profit organization in New Zealand and adding [...]

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