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Facilitator Uses Consciousness to Contribute to the Earth — Quite a Different Way to “Save the Planet”

September 30, 2012 Access Consciousness

Pam Houghteling, certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator and mother of two, has been teaching people from all over the world to use consciousness to contribute to the earth, and inviting them to change their own lives at the same time. Access Consciousness™ Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas has long pointed out that the very polarity [...]

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New Way to Lose Weight and Create Your Ideal Body, Explored in Gary Douglas’s New Book, Right Body for You

July 24, 2012 Access Consciousness

From size 16 to size 6 in four months without changing her diet or exercise? How DID Donnielle Carter do it? And could it be possible for you too? It’s true, she did do it, and you can too—if you’re willing. The secrets are revealed in best selling author and Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas’s [...]

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Could Answers to our Health Care Challenges Come from an Unexpected Source?

September 27, 2011 Access Consciousness

The naked man lies on a table surrounded by gloved surgeons’ hands holding scalpels, ready to cut on the word ‘Go’. “ONE WORD THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE” screams the headline of that paragon of generic American thought, Newsweek magazine, dated August 22, 2011. Even more interesting is what that word is: “NO!” The next [...]

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Are You and Your Body Receiving Everything You Could Truly Receive?

June 22, 2011 Access Body Class

The addition of auditory recordings and now live-streaming of Access Founder Gary Douglas facilitating the Access “core classes” of Foundation and Level One have made it possible for anyone with a computer anywhere in the world to have access to this phenomenal information. How does it get even better than that? There is one yummy [...]

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Are You Eating To Live Or Living To Eat?

June 19, 2011 Access Consciousness

By Marilyn Bradford I’ve always loved to eat. I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t obsessed with food in one way or another. “What’s for dinner?” was one of my favorite questions, along with “Can I have more of that?”, and “What’s for dessert”? Types of food and food portions were highly controlled by [...]

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