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Through Whose Eyes Are You Looking At You?

October 8, 2013 A Taste of Happiness

When you look at yourself, either figuratively or literally, whom do you see? Do you see who you really are, or do you see yourself through someone else’s eyes?  Have you chosen some eyes to see yourself through that reveal you as the greatness you are and can be? Or have you bought a downsized [...]

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The Freedom to Be Wrong

September 4, 2013 Access Consciousness

By Susanna Mittermaier One of the greatest things I changed with Access Consciousness® is the freedom to be wrong. My whole live I felt wrong for everything. I was extremly judgmental of myself and would censur every word that came out of my mouth and what came out I thought about and tried to figure [...]

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Would You Like to Disappear Tomorrow’s Messes BEFORE They Happen?

August 8, 2013 Access Consciousness

Who determines the life you wake up to each morning?  Would you like to thank them or strangle them?  And if that person or thing were you, then what? Recognizing that it’s you that’s creating your future could open a door to creating something different.  If you created the mess you’ve got, you also have [...]

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What Would It Be Like to Be In the Question with Your Body?

May 20, 2013 10 Commandments

Access Consciousness® is often described as a set of tools and processes that can change anything in your life that isn’t working. In a previous series of articles, some ways that the Access “Ten Commandments” can be used to change your money situation were discussed.  Now some of the ways that the Ten Commandments can [...]

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Laughter clears more than tears

February 21, 2013 Access Consciousness

“Laughter clears more than tears,” best selling author and Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas is fond of saying. Science is now finding that this is indeed true. It was Sigmund Freud who wrote about the necessity of focusing on “grief work” nearly 100 years ago, in 1917. Recent studies are showing that this focus on [...]

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You Are Invited to Experience Freedom from Abuse That Has Not Been Possible Before: Would You Like a Life of Kindness, Joy and Ease Instead?

February 16, 2013 Abuse

Have you been abused at some time in your life?  Have you tried without success to get past it? What if it were now possible to get beyond the limitations that created, with more ease and thoroughness than ever before possible?  This is the target of the current teleclass with Dr. Dain Heer and Gary [...]

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Would You Be Willing to Be Proud if It Allowed You to Be Happy?

December 29, 2012 Access Consciousness

No stranger to controversy, controversial points of view, or the completely counter-intuitive, Gary Douglas leveled another cannon blast at the walls of the castle of this reality during the recent Australian Access Consciousness® Facilitators’ training. His target this time: Pride. “Having pride opens the door to all possibilities,” say Douglas. “Everything you’ve been taught in [...]

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Defrag Your Brain To Reach Your Optimim Potential

December 5, 2012 Access Consciousness

By Guest Author Janice Jackson Really?? Absolutely! Why not? We can do it to our computers, why not our brain? Our brains have been compared to computers, right? But what would it take? What would that look like exactly? Would it hurt? Is there a magic “button” somewhere on my head that I can push? [...]

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Bipolar, It’s Just a Choice©

December 1, 2012 Access Consciousness

By Guest Author Rioha Fortner What if everything you’ve been told about you is a lie? What if Bipolar Disorder was a choice you made because dealing with this reality was too painful? If it were a choice you made to step out of the pain- could you choose something else now? If you knew [...]

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Are You Addicted to Being Wrong?

November 12, 2012 10 Commandments

Are you addicted to the wrongness of you? Whatever happens, it is you that’s wrong? Do “bad things happen” because you did or were something wrong? Welcome to being a humanoid on planet earth! (And perhaps other planets as well. Who knows? This pattern is certainly engrained enough to have been going on for a [...]

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