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Foundation & Level 1

Lets Talk About Sex Baby

February 7, 2014 Access Consciousness

I notice that when I run a Foundation and Level 1 class there is often a weird energy that comes up when we get to the parts about sex. Actually when ever sex comes up in a conversation a lot of weirdness starts to show up. Perhaps you have noticed that too? Whilst sick with [...]

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Have You Missed the Hot Blonde in the Red Ferrari?

September 28, 2013 Access Consciousness

Ssssshhhhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone! Some of the most life-changing classes in Access Consciousness are disguised as the little old lady from Pasadena when they’re really as fast and hot as a gorgeous blonde in a red Ferrari convertible! Say what?  Their disguise is NOT sexy—Foundation and Level 1.  Core courses.  Boring names.  Like high school [...]

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Would You Like to Disappear Tomorrow’s Messes BEFORE They Happen?

August 8, 2013 Access Consciousness

Who determines the life you wake up to each morning?  Would you like to thank them or strangle them?  And if that person or thing were you, then what? Recognizing that it’s you that’s creating your future could open a door to creating something different.  If you created the mess you’ve got, you also have [...]

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You CAN’T Repeat an Access Class!

July 8, 2013 Access Consciousness

Did you know that it’s impossible to repeat an Access Consciousness® class? How so?  There are many reasons! One reason is the effectiveness of the clearing statement.  That familiar “POC and POD” goes to the point of creation of the issue being cleared and makes it disappear as if with a poof of Harry Potter’s [...]

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Report on Access Consciousness® Italy

June 7, 2013 Access Body Class

Many Accessories are gypsies at heart.  For those whose gypsy shoes have not yet sprouted wings, I’ll allow you to travel vicariously by creating some reports of what’s going on with Access in various countries.  The differences are so interesting, and clearing the limitations in individuals’ flavors and languages contributes to the speed at which [...]

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Would You Like To Be Famous? Or Successful?

May 1, 2013 Access Consciousness

Gary Shares New Info on Fame That Could Bring the Success You’ve Been Looking for. What does fame and fortune mean to you?  Does it bring up visions of being hounded by paparazzi to within an inch of your life?  Have you considered that this point of view might be limiting your success in any [...]

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Psychologists Discover What Gary Douglas Has Been Saying About Relationships for 20 Years

March 26, 2013 Access Consciousness

Men believe that if they get into a relationship, they’ll get the sex they’re looking for. Women think that if they have sex with someone, they’ll get the relationship they’re looking for. Gary Douglas, best-selling author and founder of Access Consciousness®, light heartedly points out the differences between men and women at nearly every seminar [...]

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Laughter clears more than tears

February 21, 2013 Access Bars

“Laughter clears more than tears,” best selling author and Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas is fond of saying. Science is now finding that this is indeed true. It was Sigmund Freud who wrote about the necessity of focusing on “grief work” nearly 100 years ago, in 1917. Recent studies are showing that this focus on [...]

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Does Consciousness Have Anything to Offer for Insomnia?

January 6, 2013 Access Bars

Insomnia is one of those complaints that sounds trivial to anyone not suffering from it, but is crippling and limiting to those who do. Fortunately, it is one of the problems that Access Consciousness® has many ways to approach. If your insomnia is not long-standing, you might ask yourself and your body some questions before [...]

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Has your body been asking for this?

December 9, 2012 Access Bars

Many people, from certified 3-Day Body Class instructors to an experienced CEO like Steve Bowman, have noted that the Advanced Body Class with Gary Douglas created a phenomenal amount of change in all aspects of their lives. What does it take for you to participate? Two of these classes are scheduled for 2013. The North [...]

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