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Would You Like a Tool that Really Works to Change Your Money Situation?

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Is changing your money situation high on your list of New Year’s resolutions?  A popular opinion poll in the US, the Harris poll, suggests you are not alone.  Money is top of the list for more people than any other subject.
If this includes you, a phenomenal tool to achieve that target is offered through the Access Consciousness® shop. It’s a product called, How To Become Money Workbook.
If your target is financial fitness, then this book could be the personal trainer you’ve been looking for.  The heart of the book is 11 questions, complete with blanks to fill in.
The key to optimal use of the book is NOT to write in the book—write on a piece of scrap paper, or even a journal, so you can do the book again two weeks later, and another two weeks later, and another two weeks later, and watch how your points of view about money morph before your eyes.
What does your point of view about money have to do with money?  Only everything!  As Dr. Dain Heer says, “Your point of view creates your reality, not the other way around.”  In other words, it’s not your lack of money that is getting you down—it’s your attitude about money that’s creating the lack of money.  The good news is that your points of view about money can be changed as quickly as every 10 seconds!
Does “becoming money” seem like a strange thing to aim for, when what you’d really like is to have money to spend?  That’s a point of view you might wish to change.  As How to Become Money says in the beginning:  “What you are, what you would have, you must first BE.  That which you do not have in you, you cannot have at all.  If you see money as outside of you, you cannot have it.  If you see money anywhere besides within the being of you, you will never have it at all and there will never be enough from your point of view.”
This is not your usual “think and grow rich” book.  The being Douglas channels is quick to make fun of such approaches.  “You think, you do not grow rich, you grow limited,” he says.  “Throw your brains away, they get in the way of you!  You get that thought process in the way and then you are diminished, you have limited yourself on what you are going to achieve and what you are going to get.”
The workbook aspect of the book allows you to get to the heart of your own limiting beliefs about money.  Many of these are represented also in the discussions with the people participating in the original class from which the book was drawn.
The language of the book is a bit quaint.  It is Access Consciousness® Founder and best-selling author Gary Douglas’s first book, written when he was still channeling.  The language is the language of the channel, which can be a bit less direct than we’re used to these days.
But it’s full of gems.  Here’s an example for you to try.  Close your eyes and imagine money coming at you.  Put energy into it until it’s real.  Now, from which direction(s) did the money come?  Every single direction tells you something different about what your points of view, spoken and unspoken, conscious and unconscious, are about money.  And guess what, even the points of view you aren’t aware of are busily creating your money situation as you read this.  This book is all about changing it.
Where did your “imagined” money come from? What does it mean?  I’m not telling—you’ll have to get the book to find out!
How To Become Money is available from the Access Consciousness store.  Many other products including the books Money Isn’t the Problem, You Are; Right Riches for You; and many recorded classes on increasing your money flows can also be found in the online shop.


  1. rajeev says

    interesting reading about access bar consciousness. would like to know more about how to use it in elevating my own material and spiritual life. love peace prosperity and happiness to all beings. Rajeev

  2. Dr Gagan says

    Hi… I am in India…. How can i learn this course…. Are there any facilitators here…. Help..

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