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Introducing the 7 Leaders for a Conscious World, Demonstrating the Value of Controversy

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Each of the 7 facilitators comprising Leaders for a Conscious World will be featured in a series of articles in the next few months. Together, they are featured on the new website, The Value of Controversy, which is also the name of their radio show on The radio show starts Tuesday, December 4, at noon U.S. Pacific time.

Like many people who find Access Consciousness™, Jonas Svensson of Helsingborg, Sweden “had it all” from the point of view of this reality. “I was so bored with my ‘very fabulous life’ from this reality’s perspective,” he recalls. He was working for the manufacturer of frozen food, responsible for sales of $350,000,000 per year US (that’s 2.5 billion Swedish kroner).

He had the right title, awesome benefits, great salary. “I was just fed up. Somewhere I knew there must be something else.”

“I had a relationship at the time, which would have been the perfect path to having everything in this reality.”

When that relationship ended, “I realized that there must be something different, this cannot be the purpose of life! That made me really look for something different that I knew was possible, but I had no clue at the time what it was.”

Like so many other people who find themselves in Access Consciousness™ workshops, Svensson tried many different modalities. He found that his first contact with Access Consciousness™, via a teleclass with Dr. Dain Heer, created an energy in his life that he never had before.

“Okay, I have to try more!” he told himself. He recalls the Access Bars™ class he took soon after that. “It was a lot of words but I really didn’t hear that much, but at the same time I was sitting there thinking, ‘Why didn’t they give me this manual when I was 7?’

“I was aware of how much money 10,000 Swedish kroner was (for 4 days of Foundation and Level 1). If I could have had this when I was 7 and it cost 20 million kroner I would have done it!”

“What I have seen and experienced the last couple of years with Access Consciousness™ is something that I don’t see exists that much in the world at the moment. I would really like more people to have at least the possibility to choose that.”

The difference Svensson sees includes “being with people in a totally different way.” He experiences “a true amusement of enjoying each other in a way I haven’t seen before, with no one judging, no one having a point of view about anything.

“Every time I step out of a point of view about what’s right or wrong or how it should be or shouldn’t be, it constantly opens up more possibilities to have more fun, more ease, more happiness, more of me.”

Since he began doing Access Consciousness™, his life has “changed totally from doing what I should do and being pretty bored with that to doing what I want to do and being more alive than ever. I have access to more of me than ever and I have created a universe where I actually have choice in so many situations and having more fun. I’m never as alive as I am when facilitating. It’s so much fun!”

What Svensson would like to see happen through his involvement with Leaders for a Conscious World is “to get a bigger mass of people to actually see the possibility that there are different futures available to choose, and to know that they know.”

Ironically, considering that it was the break-up of a romantic relationship that propelled him into his search for something more, Svennson would like to show others that different possibilities are available in relationships—including those that end. He still works with a former romantic partner, Lisen Bengtsson.

“If you have a relationship and then you break up you’re supposed to react, you’re supposed to not like each other, you’re supposed to find reasons to show you’re right in divorcing. We have done something different because we kept on working together. We’re navigating ourselves through stuff. It’s not at all that anything is perfect, but we have a target of creating something else for a relationship. It doesn’t have to look like we’re still in business together, but we can still contribute if we choose. That’s pretty far away from what you’re supposed to choose when you break up.


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