What if You Could Create the Magical Land You Dreamt of as a Child?

by Access Administrator on July 4, 2012

Have you always longed to go through the looking glass?  Was the Chronicles of Narnia one of your favorite books as a kid?  Are you still longing to find that place, any place, where magic is possible and things work better than they do here on earth where you’re living?

Good news!  You actually can find that place you’re looking for.  It’s possible with the tools of Access Consciousness™.  As Dr. Dain Heer, author of many books on the subject, says, “It looks nothing like you thought it would look.”

Moving class participants from the limitations of this reality—what Access Consciousness™ founder and best selling author Gary Douglas calls “the immutable laws of this reality”—is the target of most basic Access Consciousness™ classes, offered in more than 25 countries throughout the world by some 200 licensed facilitators.

After you start to shake the foundations of your personal version of this reality—to step out of your own version of the Matrix movie—then it’s possible to step beyond it, into your own reality.  That’s what Douglas calls the mutable laws of creation.  Those mutable laws of creation are introduced in the third of the five Access Consciousness™ core classes.

The first Access Consciousness™ class is called Access Bars™.  In Douglas’s words, it “opens the doors to receiving.”  And receiving is the first step to having your own reality, because as Douglas points out, receiving is something that just isn’t done or taught here.  In fact, in many cases, it’s actively discouraged by parents trying to teach us to not be “selfish.”

The experience of having your Access Bars™ run, which occurs twice in that first Access Bars™ class, is a different reality in itself for most people.  First of all, it creates deep relaxation.  That alone is a state most people on the planet at the moment never experience.  Do you even know what it would feel like?  The deep relaxation created by receiving Access Bars™ has been verified by several doctors who are experts on brain wave patterns.

The after-effects of the Access Bars™ experience are equally dramatic.  As practitioners say, “The WORST that can happen is you feel like you had a great massage.  The BEST that can happen is your whole life can change.”  And it has for many people, with one Access Bars™ session.  Are you ready for that?

Some of the results reported include better sleep, a sense of peace even when confronted by people that previously “pushed your buttons,” a sense of ease in your life and gratitude to be alive.  Dr. Dain Heer, now a leading Access Consciousness™ facilitator with a world-wide reputation, was considering suicide until his first Access Bars™ session.  He giggled the whole way through the session and never considered suicide again.

Access Bars™ is a one-day class that’s available from more than 1000 “Access Bars™ facilitators” worldwide.

And after that?  It just gets better!  The 10,000 years of fixed thought patterns that are erased by each Access Bars™ session make it possible for you to hear what your facilitator has to say in the two-day classes that follow.

How different can this be from the standard self-improvement fare, or the “Law of Attraction” theories that are so popular today?  Very, very different!
After more than 25 years using his own tools to approach his target of total consciousness, “Everything I believed to be true has turned out to be a lie or an implant,” observes Douglas.  When our heads have been stuffed full of a lot of lies, many of them from the people we loved most, erasing even a few of them can create a big difference in the reality we’re able to create for ourselves.

From the very first class, Access Consciousness™ has its own copyrighted magic wand, called the “clearing statement.”  One radio host has described the use of the clearing statement as being like gathering up all your limitations and thoughts on any subject that’s holding you back into a giant pile on your living room rug, and then using the clearing statement as a gigantic vacuum cleaner to magically sweep it all away.

The Magic Wand of Access ConsciousnessThe clearing statement (right, wrong, good, bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds) is a set of phrases that ask the universe to go to wherever the thing you’re trying to change originated.  Access Consciousness™ calls that the point of creation, or POC for short.  If you have ever done anything and everything you could think of or find to get rid of a certain issue without success, you might have noticed that the cause, or point of creation of that issue, might not be reachable by those means.

Or as facilitators often ask, If you could have solved what’s bothering you by thinking about it and figuring it out, wouldn’t you have done so long ago? Access Consciousness™ tools including the clearing statement can get you to the cause so you can destroy it—even if you have no idea what or where the cause is! Logic and cause-and-effect are some of the principles of this reality that Access Consciousness™ invites you to step away from.

One of the beauties and magic of the Access Consciousness™ clearing statement is that you don’t have to know where your problem comes from!  The universe does.  And if you ask the universe to find that POC and destroy it, guess what?  It will.  How does it get even simpler than that?

Many of the topics covered in the next two Access Consciousness™ classes, Foundation and Level 1, deal with issues that most of us struggle to get to work for us, according to the rules of this reality.  The difference in the Access Consciousness™ approach is that instead of trying more ways to fix this reality to get it to work for you, Access Consciousness™ offers a completely different approach.  That different approach combines that magical clearing statement with a question designed to address your specific issues with new information on how to function completely differently.  Douglas describes it as getting this reality to work for you, rather than being the employee of this reality.  Wouldn’t you rather be behind the magic wand than at the effect of it?

Some of the topics addressed include money, emotions and the interpersonal upsets of daily life, body issues, communication, and how to create whatever you would truly desire in life (as well as how to figure out what that really is!).  The format of the Foundation and Level 1 classes are quite similar.  Foundation is aimed at allowing you to see the limitations of the immutable laws of this reality, while Level 1 creates the possibility of your creating your own reality, using the mutable laws of creation.

Magic is a common theme throughout.  By the end of Foundation, participants are invited to look at how they’ve been creating magic their whole lives—yes, that would even include you, believe it or not!  If you have ever made a journey that took an hour and found yourself arriving in 30 minutes without knowing how, that’s just one small example of how you create magic without even thinking about it.

The stunning difficulty is that if we don’t acknowledge how we create and use it, we still create it—but we use it against ourselves.  Probably not our best choice!  As always in Access Consciousness™, the course material gives you more ways to make different choices possible and even easy.

Even the mantra of Access Consciousness™ —

–contains an element of magic.  It’s quite different than an affirmation because it does not include judgment of any kind.  (Don’t most affirmations judge what you want and don’t want to receive?  Have you ever noticed that refusal to receive anything ends up in its showing up in your face with gusto?)

The Access Consciousness™ mantra, on the other hand, invites all of life, including the good, the bad, and the ugly, to show up.  If everything did show up with ease joy and glory, as is possible while using the tools of Access Consciousness™, would that not be magic?

What else could be included in your own personal Narnia?  The basic core classes include ways you can learn to be instead of just doing all the time, new perspectives on relationships and sex, ways you can get out of being used and abused by others into a reality where gifting and receiving is simultaneous, and some hands-on body processes that begin to invite you to the land where being in a body is a joy and a possibility rather than a burden and a limitation.

If you’d like to bring what you knew could be possible as a child into your reality as an adult, you might want to check out the Access Consciousness™ core classes.  They could be what you’ve been looking for, what you always knew was possible, and what you haven’t yet been able to find.

What are the infinite possibilities?

For more about Access Consciousness or to find classes near you click here.

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