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Is Doing “Access Bars™ at a Distance” Really Possible?

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Would you ask a fish to ride a bicycle?
A dolphin to wear a backpack?
A parrot to use roller skates?

You may doing something just as fruitless if you have been doing Access Bars™ sessions at a distance, says Access Consciousness™ founder Gary Douglas.

“This is not Access Consciousness™. Please do not create the impression in any way that this is Access Consciousness™,” says Douglas.

How can this be, when there are stories of people getting dramatic “results” after “distance Access Bars™” sessions?

There are several issues with these distant “Access Bars™ sessions.” As the tag line of Access Consciousness™ states, Access Consciousness™ is about empowering people to know that they know. In distant “Access Bars™ sessions” people experience it as if something has been “done to them,” which is the opposite of empowering them to know that they know.

“When you do these distant sessions you are creating an energetic point of view that you can eliminate all your problems by someone doing something remotely to you, which is not the same as being empowered to recognize what you personally can change,” Douglas continues.

The second difficulty with doing the Access Bars™ remotely is that it creates a false impression of what receiving is. It actually “limits what people are willing to receive” by creating the false belief that receiving is solely about the energy. By doing so, it creates more disconnection from bodies rather than more connection.

Access Bars™ are about beginning the process of receiving, including receiving in your body. Touch of the body is required for this to occur.

Inclusion of the body in the process of consciousness is another key contribution of Access Consciousness™. While most spiritual approaches to enlightenment have the point of view that you can achieve enlightenment through your spirit and then pick up your body on the way out of life, Douglas considers bringing consciousness to the body a key aspect of enlightenment.

As he and his business partner and co-author Dr. Dain Heer observe, “You as an infinite being choose to come back in bodies again and again. There has to be a greatness to embodiment or we wouldn’t choose it as infinite beings.”

Access Bars™ and the 50 or more other body processes included in Access Consciousness™ are about inviting you to experience that greatness in your body. If that seems like an oxymoron to you, you might wish to check out a hands on Access Bars™ session, Access Bars™ class, or body process class (now offered by more than 200 body process class a facilitators around the world).
What else could be possible for your body?

You can find out more about the bars at and the body classes at


  1. says

    I find Gary’s point of view about  not being able to run Bars at a distance to be fascinating.  Isn’t Access Bars an energetic body process? Aren’t we taught in the video that we can ask points to turn on without touching them?  Isn’t
    every physical object, including the human body,  made up of vibrating atoms?   My point of view is that of course I can  “touch” and gift to the physical body in a yummy, delicious, healing ways from a distance – I’ve been doing it for many years as a nurse-healer. And I find running Access Bars long distance to be one of the yummiest ways to do that! 

  2. says

    I have had my Bars run in person, have learned to run Bars in person, and had let someone do a distance run on me out of curiosity. Personally I immediately preferred the in-person touch Bars to long distance as the long distance version DOES “feel” like “something being done to you” and I did not get that same sense of receiving like a touch session.  So sorry distance runners, please go with your own knowing but… my head and body prefers to be touched.

  3. says

     Access Bars is Gary’s baby – he channeled it and has been championing its use for years. And if he decides that Access Bars is only Bars when it is done hands-on, then so be it.  AND at the same time, my son in Kansas City says he receives a TON of something light and expansive when he calls up to get me to run his Bars from Colorado!

  4. Jimmy says

    A Rose by any other name would smell so sweet !  Since Access Bars is trademarked, if you want to keep on offering the same kind of treatment long distance, you might need to call it something else .  (Long Distance Energy Transfer ?)

  5. Anuenuemaui says

    Hmmmmmm………Interesting POV….sounds kind of like a judgement and conclusion about a right and  wrong way to do the ‘bars’.   What if there is a different possibility?  What if running bars remotely provides a different kind of result?  What are the infinite possibilities in running bars in this manner?  Hoes does it get any better than this?  What else is possible?

  6. Amanda says

    Well, that’s an IPOV, Gary. So, if someone lives three hours from  the nearest Bars Facilitator, too bad?  And the tremendous energetic shifts and changes that people experience through the webinars with no physical touch, are they somehow invalidated?  I did distance work before becoming a Bars Facilitator, and naturally experimented with it.  I not only gift bars at a distance, I receive sessions as well, and they are amazing.  If we are unlimited, let us be unlimited – and magical, in any way that we choose.  The body does not need to be physically touched in order to change.  At least, that’s my POV.   

  7. Erika L Soul says

    lots of interesting points of views here and seeing as there are conflicting points of view there is some truth and some lies , as in hidden lies and spoken truths.. I wonder if all points of views are all valid , Gary’s and the people who receive benefit from Distance Bars.. I would like to include everything and judge nothing here , just an Intersting Point of View… Is it about personal empowerment with receiving Bars in the physical or is it that without the Body receiving it physically by touch alone in which there is a connection to our physical reality that actually lets our bodies release so much more ..
    What if by remote works for some people and others prefer Bars in person, what if Access Bars is what you receive in person lying down or sitting up and distance running Bars energetically is another process ..Maybe there is no distance only oneness and we can switch our Bars on with our intention for them to be on and receive so much benefit.. However perhaps regular physical Bars sessions are anchoring in the Bars Access process and our body receives the love by touch it needs to function fully empowered in the World of this reality we are choosing to dwell in ..WE have many bodies on different planes which can and do amazing things ..So let’s POC and POD our stuff here and see there is no separation or devisive thought creating separation and just go oh well its all OK and allow all of this to exist within us now with JOY LOVE and PEACE !!!

  8. Pamela says

    Gary has points of view. Perhaps this one will change, perhaps not. I’m enjoying and benefiting from reading the various POVs on this page. Re: living 3 hours from the nearest Bars Facilitator, “too bad?” One POV might be to help create a Bars community in that area, so people don’t need to get Bars sessions from a distance. At the same time, if we can choose every 10 seconds, we can choose every 10 seconds. I, too, have done Bars sessions from a distance–across the ocean, in one case, across state boundaries in another, because the people had no other access to Bars and it felt light to gift them with a Bars session in those moments. I made it clear that these are normally done in person and that in-person sessions were recommended. While Access has been branching out to make Access tools and classes available globally, I haven’t seen much effort to really look at their model to make it available to places in the world where people just cannot afford the fees, even for a Bars class, such as third-world countries where even the reduced rates are beyond individuals’ ability to pay. I’d like to see greater interest in that area and am doing things on my own, in a specific country, to see what else is possible.

  9. Pamela says

    Frankly, I don’t fully share Gary’s point of view. How can it be that consciousness is limited in the way he describes? Why shouldn’t a body be able to receive equally dynamically, whether it is physically present or not? If we are unlimited consciousness in a sea of infinite possibilities, more apt questions to ask might be along the lines of What would it take for distance sessions to effect all those things Gary either says or implies are not [currently] possible from a distance? Really: What else is possible? And how might we facilitate new possibilities in this area?

  10. cindy lynn jones says

    The very first Bars session I gave,out side of Bars class,was a distant session to a woman in New york,I live in Indiana.She reported that a life long,severe case of Fibromyalgia wingers as healed! This was a 20 min. session. However…I have many times wondered and believed that I was in actuality “doing” Reiki even though I was intending to do the Bars. My point of view is…it honestly does not matter what you call it. When your intent is to bring peace,healing,awareness and solace to another,it happens. In defense for what Gary is saying though,the fingers do have electrical points,hence the idea behind Mudras,and I can see where putting your fingers on points of the head can transmit electrical impulses and help clear and balance those points. These are strictly my observations.

  11. says

    He’s not saying don’t do it, or even that it doesn’t work. He’s just saying its NOT Access and to not give people the impression that it is. It still all about empowering people. HDIGABTT?

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