Two Recorded Teleclasses that Just Could Change Your Life —Again and Again

Every single interaction, let alone ongoing telecall, with Access Consciousness™ Founder Gary Douglas and his business partner and co-author Dr. Dain Heer could change your life.

And there are some that bear mentioning and listening to again and again.   Two of those calls are the recently completed Distractor Implants call and last year’s call on the Ten Commandments.

Both of these calls take what can look like a one line mention from the Access Consciousness™core class manuals and expand on that concept for 90 minutes.  The results can be profoundly life changing.

The recently created Distractor Implants call deals with the distractor implants—which are basically the sticky negative emotions that most of us spend most of our time stuck in, longing to get out of, and firmly convinced we cannot escape.

The distractor implants, by the way, are:  anger, rage, fury, hate; blame, shame, regret, and guilt; obsessive, compulsive, addictive, perverted points of view; love, sex, jealousy, and peace; life, living, death, and relationships, business, fear, and doubt.  If any of those sound like something that’s familiar to you, you might wish to listen to these calls—or listen to them again if you already have!

One experienced facilitator said, “I’ve been faithfully presenting this information in my classes for 10 years.  When I heard Gary and Dain talk about each of these concepts I realized I’d only been reaching the tip of the iceberg.  There’s so much more to each of these concepts that I never realized until these calls, and it’s changed my own life!”

The Ten Commandments call refers to the 10 concepts that Gary calls “the keys to the kingdom.”  He has said again and again that if you will use these 10 principles, you will find it difficult to have any difficulties in your life ever again!

Each of these calls is 90 minutes long, and it goes into much more depth and detail on how these apply to situations in your life you might not even imagine.  Since the 10 Commandments are just one part of the Foundation class, even the best facilitator cannot explain them as thoroughly as Gary and Dain have in these calls.

Like most Access Consciousness™ tools, they include a bit of magic.  Even if you think you’ve listened to them already and know the material, you might be surprised at how a relistening will reveal information you’re sure was not included a year ago.

This difference in the recordings when listened to again and again has inspired a joke in Access Consciousness™.  Gary has been accused of flying around at night in a pink tutu, magically changing the recordings.  How else could we explain how much they change from one listening to another?

These calls are so basic to living the Access Consciousness™ tools that they are now required listening for everyone attending facilitators’ trainings.  What do they know that would change your life if you knew it too?  Can you afford not to find out?

Both of these recordings are available through the Access Consciousnes™s online store, at

2 thoughts on “Two Recorded Teleclasses that Just Could Change Your Life —Again and Again

  1. I am interested in these distractor implants recordings. A search on the products page does not obtain results. Would you assist me in locating these recordings?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Nancy Hobart

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