Instant Clearing of Past Lives

by Access Administrator on June 6, 2012

Some 90 per cent of our relationship issues stem not from this life, but from past lives, according to Gary Douglas, best-selling author, founder of Access Consciousness™, and author of Divorceless Relationships.

Douglas estimates that as beings, we are some 4 trillion years old, so that’s a lot of past lives to clear.  How have you tried to clear them, and how well does it work? Does clearing past lives one by one seem a bit of a daunting task?  What if you could clear them 350,000 times faster?

This is possible, thanks to some of the tools of Access Consciousness™.

One of these tools is Access Bars™.  These are a series of 32 points on the head that are gently touched over an hour-long session.  One of these sessions releases 5-10,000 years of considerations.  Considerations are the beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotion, decisions, judgments and all-the-other gunk we’ve accumulated that keeps us stuck.  The electrical signature of all this stuff stays in our brain, and having your “Access Bars™ run” clears it all.

Some of the changes people notice after having their Bars run include finding that people and situations that used to upset them or “plug them in” no longer have that effect.  Access Bars™ has the effect of making the rut you’ve worn your way into less deep, so that you can easily see new ways of doing and being that didn’t seem possible before.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly what will change with any single Access Bars™ session, practitioners say the worst that will happen is that you’ll feel more relaxed than if you had a great massage.  The best that can happen is that your whole life can change.

A second tool that allows more change than you imagined possible to occur is the use of the Access Consciousness™ Clearing Statement.  It’s a series of syllables that sound something like word salad.  It is a set of phrases referring to many different kinds of energy that the facilitator is asking the universe to clear.

Every time you use the clearing statement on any issue, 350,000 people (in all times, dimensions, and realities) get cleared of the same issue.  That includes a lot of people with whom you’ve been living a lot of your lives. When you change here and now, adding the clearing statement allows them to change—now and in the past where they also knew you.

Since “ask and you shall receive” is one of the truths in the Bible, it does describe how the universe works.  When you ask the universe to clear what’s bothering you, the universe obliges, often in magical ways.

Part of the beauty of the clearing statement is that it goes to the “point of creation” (POC) of the issue you’re working to clear.  The point of creation or POC of an issue is like the seed of a tree.  Just as a tree cannot exist without its seed having existed first, so what’s challenging you now cannot exist without its seeds, which are its point of creation.

A further beauty of asking the universe to assist you in clearing issues is that you don’t even have to have a clue where that pesky point of creation is.  The universe knows.  All you have to do is ask it to go to work for you, using what it knows to your benefit.  How easy is that?

Using the clearing statement to erase the source of your difficulties has a lasting effect.  The layers that are cleared are cleared forever.  Does that mean the issue will not come back?  Sometimes.  What cannot come back is the layer that you cleared from that source.

If you wish to re-create the problem, of course you can, but you will do it from a different source.  It also might not be in your best interest, as you will most likely create it with even more potency than you had available to you before you got rid of what you cleared with the clearing statement.

And some issues that we struggle with have multiple points of creation and multiple layers.  These are the stickier issues for us—like money, relationships, and body issues.  The tools of Access Consciousness™, such as the Access Bars™ and the clearing statements can clear all these issues, but it’s not necessarily instant.

Would you like to try using the clearing statement?  You don’t have to understand it, just as you don’t have to have a clue where the point of creation of any particular problem is.  You can just say, “Everything holding all of that in place, destroy and uncreate it,” and follow that with the clearing statement: right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, POD, POC, shorts, boys and beyonds.  Or you can even say, “all that weird stuff I read about in that article.”

What if it could be as easy as that?  You can download an explanation of the clearing statement by Dr. Dain Heer here.

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