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Are You Willing to be Perverted?

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How’s this reality working for you?  Are you firmly convinced that if you were in charge, the world would work much better?  Are you doing your best to shift anything you can in the world around you so some of it might work for a change?

Would you consider the possibility that you might just be a pervert?  Before you insist you haven’t been hanging out in a trench coat at the edge of any schoolyards lately, consider what perverted really means.

One dictionary says perverted means “having been corrupted or distorted from its original course, meaning, or state.”

Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™ and best selling author, says perverted actually means seeing things from a point of view that’s different or beyond this reality.  “The ultimate perverted point of view is seeing the world not how other people see it.  The ultimate perversion is living life from a sense of joy.”

Yet again, the brilliance of Douglas’s use of words can surprise and delight.  If you are an infinite being, if magic and ease, joy, and glory should be your natural state and you have been forcing yourself to fit into this reality, have you not been perverting YOU?

Is a version of you that’s not functioning as an infinite being—not living from a sense of ease, joy, and glory and magic–not a corruption or distortion of your original state, the one you should be functioning from?

While Douglas’s definition may appear to be far from the second definition in the dictionary, “characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies,” applying the first definition can shed additional insight on the limitations that bind us.  How healthy are what are considered “normal and acceptable sexual practices” in our society and this reality?

If we were acting as the infinite beings we really are, wouldn’t our normal and acceptable sexual practices be a lot more varied, easier, and more fun?  Wouldn’t we be having more sex AND enjoying it more?

Would we choose the same limited relationships and impoverished view of sexualness and embodiment as now dominate what we perceive our choices to be currently?

What could another view of these challenging subjects be?  A question asked by Douglas and his business partner and co-author Dr. Dain Heer, invites you to look at these subjects from another direction.  “If embodiment were not a greatness, if it were the limitation that most spiritual practices and churches suggest it is, then why would be as infinite beings choose to come into bodies again and again?” they ask.

Towards the target of allowing their clients to experience that greatness of embodiment, Douglas and Heer have developed a collection of hands-on body processes designed to bring more consciousness to our bodies, which are taught in the 3 Day Access Consciousness™ Body Classes world-wide.  Phenomenal changes, not just in the bodies of participants in these classes, but in the beings as well, are noted by the facilitators of these classes.

It’s quite common to see issues which had stubbornly refused to budge no matter how much discussion or processing centered on the topic shift like magic during three days of gifting and receiving the touch that brings consciousness to the body in a way that was not possible before.  Doesn’t that sound like a lot more fun than conforming to the limitations of this reality as if they were inescapable?

When you consider that Douglas and Heer’s definition of embodiment includes not just being in what you consider that physical body of yours inside your skin, but all aspects of this reality, doesn’t becoming a pervert sound more inviting?  Or even necessary?

You can put away the trench coat now—your body is actually asking to be dancing around with a lot more freedom than that perverted point of view—and that point of view of what perversion is—would ever allow.  Would you be willing to consider being perverted now, as in perverted from this reality and the limitation and joylessness of it?

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