Are You Aiming to Become an Access Consciousness™ Body Class Facilitator?

by Access Administrator on March 5, 2012

Would you like to become a facilitator of the Access Consciousness™ Body Processes?  That’s great, because as Body Class Coordinator Donnielle Carter notes, “The bodies (of everyone on the planet) are demanding them!”

There’s been some confusion about what is required, so here’s the lowdown.  First of all, there are three levels of Access Consciousness Body Classes.

There are “Body Process Classes,” which are facilitated by nearly 100 folks world-wide, some of whom are licensed Access Consciousness™ facilitators, and some of whom are not and do not even aspire to be.  These classes occur in one evening or one day at most, and include one or two of the processes included in the three-day body class mentioned below.  It takes nearly 4 hours to present one of these processes thoroughly.

There is the Three Day Access Consciousness™ Body Class Created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer (to use its official name, and the name to find it by on the website).  Currently, this is facilitated by four people world wide:  Marg Braunack, N.D.;  Dr. Kacie Crisp; Jason Pettipiece; and Glenna Rice, P.T.  All four of these folks have been participating in Access classes of all kinds regularly for many years (as in at least 6-8 years).

And there is the three day Advanced Body Class, facilitated only by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.  This class is coming up March 10-12 in Turin, Italy, and again May 26-28 in Corte Madera, CA.

The first step in becoming a facilitator of these body processes is to become a Body Process Class facilitator.  The requirements to do so are listed in the back of your foundation book, in case you lose this email.  Those requirements are: to have taken the three day body class once, pay $100, register online, and submit your class lists for classes you facilitate.  To register on-line, all that’s required is to go to and pull down the “Apply to be a Body Class Facilitator” from the facilitators’ menu.  If you have questions about this, you can contact Donnielle at

If you’re already a licensed Access Consciousness™ facilitator, your $100 application fee is waived.

Becoming a facilitator of the three day body class requires attending 3 of the 3 day body classes, levels 2 and 3, and conducting classes in each of the 44 processes in the body book for classes of at least 6 people each, submitting your class lists, and approval by Gary Douglas.

At present only Gary and Dain facilitate the Advanced Body Class.  It’s phenomenal, and its reputation is spreading.  In order to make sure all participants get the most out of the class, the pre-requisites for this class are rather strict:  attending two of the 3 day body classes (with any of the four facilitators) and have given and received at least 20 MTVSS sessions.

Gary is enforcing these pre-requisites because he observed at the first Advanced Body Class that people who had not met these pre-requisites had less ability to receive the advanced processes and to gift them to their partners.  If you have not attended two of the 3-day body classes, you also have the option of doing each of the 44 processes in the body book twice in lieu of attending the second body class.

If you’re rushing to get to the Advanced Body class, Dr. Kacie Crisp, one of the four facilitators of the 3 day classes, has some advice for you:  “Relax!  The ‘beginning’ body processes are also phenomenal.  If you do them and the 20 sessions of MTVSS, your body will love it, and you just might get some of what you’re aiming to get out of the Advanced Body Class.  It’s about your body receiving deeply, not about getting to the ‘goal’ of the Advanced Body Class.  What if you let your body tell you when it’s time?”

“You, the Being, might be able to get all the change you’re looking for instantly. Our bodies have been taking abuse from us for 4 trillion years or so and it takes them some time to remember what might be possible.”

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