WARNING: Reading this article could be hazardous to everything you believe about life and death. Continue at your own risk!

by Access Administrator on February 21, 2012

What parent has not stared at their newborn and wondered what those shiny eyes were seeing when their baby stared into space?

In at least one former newborn’s case, the answer to that question is now quite clear:  that former newborn is Shannon O’Hara, now 32, who is quite clear that even as a newborn, she was looking at and communicating with “entities,”—what others might call ghosts or spirits.

O’Hara, the step-daughter of Access Consciousness founder Gary Douglas, calls them entities because they are, in her words, “just like us, only not in bodies.”  She has been communicating with them since she was born.

“We are all entities,” she continues.  “One day we’ll all go on and not be in bodies, but most people don’t think about that.

“All children and animals see ghosts—what happened to you?” she asks, only slightly rhetorically.  Her point of view is that the entities which she can see “are a huge part of what goes on here, whether you know it or not.  How much of your awareness do you have to cut off NOT to perceive them? Is limiting your awareness in that way in your best interest, or does it create a limitation?”

O’Hara’s unconventional points of view about those beings, that most of us do not allow ourselves to see, are just one example of what’s possible when you explore the frontiers of consciousness with Access Consciousness™.

“Everything I believed was true has turned out to be a lie or an implant,” reflects Douglas.  He has discovered his unique way of looking at the world by questioning everything, and judging none of the awarenesses he receives. A best-selling author, Douglas has developed Access Consciousness™ into a pragmatic philosophy for living based on the unconventional information he received by being willing to ask questions about anything and everything.

Douglas discovered O’Hara’s talent for seeing these beings by, typically, asking her questions.  He was working as an antique dealer at the time and brought home a trunk which used to terrify O’Hara when she was 8 years old.  By asking questions, he discovered O’Hara was seeing the former owner of the trunk, now deceased.

“Ask her what she wants,” Douglas coached young Shannon.

“She wants to know where her wedding dress is!” Shannon replied.

Douglas phoned the seller of the trunk and asked the question.  When it was answered, the entity’s angst was resolved, she disappeared, and Shannon’s terror was assuaged.

If you think all this is weird beyond belief—so did Shannon for many years.  In her teen years she struggled desperately to deny this capacity so she could fit in and be “normal.”  Only when she was willing to acknowledge her gift and be willing to use it to her advantage did her life start to work.

As a result of her own experiences and working with others in live and telephone classes, as well as private sessions, she has developed some unique perspectives on the world.  “In Shakespeare’s time it was considered normal and usual for people to talk to ghosts,” she notes.  “Shakespeare gave them speaking lines in his plays.”

She postulates that much of our inability—she would even say refusal—to acknowledge the existence of entities is a result of misinformation advertised through religion.  “Does religion support the existence of reincarnation?” she asks, “or is it a no-no?”

“What kind of entities are allowed in the typical Christian teaching—angels, demons, and the holy spirit. Where do you fit into that? If you’re not an angel, demon or the Holy Spirit, you are out of luck. You disappear, never to be seen again. Does this sound a little strange to anyone else?”

“What if you weren’t judged on the day you died (judgment day) but rather presented with infinite choice?  If you no longer feared the day you died, would you be able to be controlled?”

“What if people thought about you after you die the way you think about entities now? Are you going to tune into a scary, make believe, creepy being?”

You can read more about O’Hara’s life story in her book, Talk to the Entities, which is available on the Access Consciousness™ website, as well as amazon.com and Shannon’s own website, also called Talk to the Entities.  She conducts teleclasses with a worldwide audience, as well as live seminars.  She has classes coming up in several cities in Italy and Houston, TX, in March, and in Melbourne, Australia in April.

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kim carlsson February 24, 2012 at 2:06 am

Thank you so much for this ! It,s funny I meet manny people now in my work and they are afraid of what they see.I realised that Iam to, I always say,I don,t want you to contact me.Now I can ask insted of be afraid. i bought this book when i was on levelone foundation with My södergren. in stockholm.
I can see my cat looking in my apartment,sometime he looks afraid and some time I feel that he is somboddy else a littl wird feeling.Wat question can I ask wen I see that? Thank you for this possibillities.
Eas and joy Kim Carlsson

Leisanne February 25, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Just this week I asked someone I work with who treasures energy and thought as thing about an interaction I had with someone. He stepped out of a car and his energetic presence almost knocked me down. I very mistakenly took this to mean we had some powerful cosmic connection here and now. You’ve answered that question in this blog. It has got to be and old promise that I certainly wish to destroy and un-create, times a godzillion and all that other weird shit Dain says. : )

Laura Vandenbosch March 2, 2012 at 6:04 am


I bought the package from Shifra’s program. Holy Shit. I have been doing the who’s f-ing energy is this? And sending it back. I am also one of those people that has been doing “spiritual studies” for 25 years. I am on my second day of sending all energy back and WOW I can feel and see my energy shooting straight up into the cosmos. I am getting so clear I was aware of St. Michael and Mother Mary on my left and right this morning. Also during a session where I was working on someone my legs started to vibrate and then it traveled up through my whole body. I think it is because I am more clear. I have done lots of clearing and sending energy back before this. But to be aware at all times is a whole different point of view. And powerful. random clapping now : } I am a calm happy magical light after all. Thanks, looking forward to taking classes. Peace and love laura

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