by Access Administrator on February 21, 2012

Excitement is already building for the next Access Consciousness™ Advanced Body classes, offered in Turin, Italy March 10-12;  and Corte Madera, CA, May 26-28.  An Australian version is also in the works.

Gary has said he’s been working on some new processes to be shared in Turin and thereafter, and more processes were presented at the recent Beyond the 7-Day event in Mooloolaba, Australia.

All of the Access Consciousness™ body processes, from Bars and those included

in Foundation, through to those presented in the Advanced Body Class, are designed to bring consciousness into the body. Discovering the greatness of embodiment is the target. This is very different from some other approaches which emphasize the spirit, while totally ignoring the body.

“If being in a body were not a greatness, why would we as infinite beings choose it again and again?” ask Gary and Dain.  All of these processes and classes are about allowing us to access that greatness.  Participants report all kinds of life changes from these body processes, including many that would not at first glance appear to be related to the body.  What are the infinite possibilities for you and YOUR body?

As usual in Access, information you need to know about how to attend these classes is being conveyed to people whose brains are already fried.  Some confusion has been noticed.  Here’s a recap of what you are required to do if you’d like to attend one or more of these amazing classes.

The pre-requisites are designed to ensure that you and your body receive the maximum benefit from the classes—we’re not interested in anything less for you!

The Access Consciousness™ Advanced Body class is facilitated only by Access Founder Gary Douglas, and only a few times a year.

The pre-requisites to attend the Advanced Body class are having attended TWO 3-day Access Consciousness Body Classes (facilitated by Marg Braunack, N.D.; Dr. Kacie Crisp; Jason Pettipiece, or Glenna Rice, P.T.) AND having given and received 20 sessions of MTVSS.

Each of these 3-day body class facilitators brings a different flavor and emphasis to the class.  All of them love these body processes, and sharing them with the world!  Marg has had miraculous results using these processes to heal extreme trauma.  Kacie has facilitated patients to prevent immediate surgeries with a session or two.  Jason has healed himself from the effects of repetitive trauma such as arthritis caused by intensive martial arts.  Glenna is known for working miracles using these body processes on people recovering from significant drug addictions.

It is possible to attend the Advanced Body Class if you have only attended one 3-day body class; if that’s the case, then you must give and receive EACH of the 44-some processes in the body book at least twice each.

There are some 70 Body Process Class facilitators all over the world who offer one-day classes in which 1-2 body processes are facilitated. These are wonderful and would count towards completing the 44 processes.  They do NOT count as one of the two “body classes” required to attend the Advanced Body Class with Gary Douglas. These half-day or one-day body process classes are a great way to sample the body processes if you’re wondering what they’re like, or if the three day or advanced body classes are something you would be interested in.

Meeting these requirements takes time.  Even though you, the speed-demon being that you are, can get instant change; you have been imposing your limited points of view on your body for a few years now.  Even though time is a creation, allowing your body the space to shift into more consciousness and catch up with you is only being kind to it.

And by the way, those pre-requisites are not a punishment—they’re pretty yummy all by themselves!

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Karlina February 23, 2012 at 4:26 pm

So what if we want to play as much as possible and want to eventually become facilitators of body classes? Can you talk a little about the requirements to become a facilitator of body classes, both one day and 3 days? Thank you!

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