Would an Infinite Being Truly Choose This?

by Access Administrator on June 3, 2011

What if there were 10 incredibly simple techniques that could transform every single part of your life?

Well now there are and you can find them at Access Consciousness, a 20-year-old self-improvement technique now available in 25 countries worldwide.

The first of what are jokingly called the 10 commandments is, “Would an infinite being truly choose this? And if they wouldn’t, why are you?”

How do you use this tool? Whenever anything you don’t like comes up in your life, you ask yourself the question. What tends to occur is that very quickly you realize that you actually have no good reason for choosing the undesirable condition you believe you’re suffering from.

Douglas applied this himself when he noticed that recurring tiredness was coming up in his life. “Could an infinite being be tired?” he asked himself. Naturally, the answer was “Of course not!” Ninety per cent of his fatigue vanished in a couple of days.

The bottom line that this tool quickly brings us to is that there is only one reason for us to choose these non-infinite choices, and that’s to prove to ourselves and everyone else that we really truly are victims.

By using this tool, Douglas observes, “you get to the point where most of what is creating an upset goes away because you don’t have to buy into it anymore.”

You can try this for yourself. Think about something that’s worried or upset you. Ask yourself the question, Would an infinite being truly choose this, and if they wouldn’t, for what reason would you? Can you hang onto the upset? Or does it get less and less solid and substantial until it fades into a puff of air?

Now that could be what an infinite being would really choose!

Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, is conducting a teleclass on all 10 of his commandments, which he calls the keys to the kingdom of consciousness. No prior exposure to Access is required—these classes are open to all. More information can be found at www.accessconsciousness.com

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