Facilitating The Earth

by Access Administrator on June 30, 2011

Are you aware of the incredible contribution and gift you can be to this beautiful planet?

Would you be willing to step into even more of that?

Pam Houghteling’s Facilitating The Earth free monthly tele-class is an amazingly dynamic and joyful way to join others in gifting and receiving with the earth.

I recently spoke with Pam from her temporary residence, where she and her family have been evacuated to due to massive forest fires near her home town of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Pam was talking about how so many people have the point of view that the fires are a disaster, a problem and a terrible thing. “I’m aware that this is actually what the earth requires right now.” She said, “I also know that if I take any point of view about the fires, I cut off both my awareness of what is, and any and everything I can receive from this. I just keep asking questions.”

The willingness to be aware of the earth, and to be the question, and to be interesting point of view, are just some of the qualities that make Pam’s Facilitating the Earth classes so amazing.

When people from all over the globe join together to contribute their energy, the results go way beyond what each of us do on an individual basis. Pam starts the class by facilitating everyone in clearing their set points of view about what the earth “needs” us to contribute. This allows the group to be aware of what the earth actually requires in the moment. Then, from all around the world, the participants are led in gifting their energy to the planet. The power and potency of this is phenomenal!

After the calls, participants often report changes in their bodies. Aches and pains disappear, and there is a new ease and peace that is present. The connections between our bodies and this lovely earth become even more apparent. How much gratitude can we have for that!

Everyone is invited to participate in the calls. If people are new to Access or unfamiliar with some of the tools, Pam offers brief explanations, then encourages people to jump right in and contribute. For those who desire it, Pam also offers a link to a previous class that goes over how to work with molecular de-manifestation and de-molecular manifestation.

Pam is a great facilitator and has a unique capacity to be a link between others and the earth and to exponentialize that energy. If you haven’t yet participated in one of these calls, you a missing a great opportunity to expand your awareness and be even more of the gift that you be.

To register for the next Facilitating The Earth class and listen to a class given by Pam in Denver this summer click here.

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Annaa Falk July 10, 2011 at 11:05 am

Thanks for the invitation!
Hope I can get my Skype working..
what would i take;))
Love Annaa

Maria January 2, 2012 at 3:16 am

Thanks for the invitation! I have been participating on these call and they are … OMG …. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! highly recommended to everybody! have fun and facilitate the Earth and you :O) Gratitude to you all, Maria

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