How to Be Happy in Life…

by admin on March 15, 2015

Wondering How to Be

Happy in Life?

When Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, was a child, he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up.  “Happy!” was what he replied.  “No, no”, said the adults. “What do you want to be? Do you want to be a doctor or a businessman or a lawyer?” “I don’t care as long as I’m happy.” replied Gary.

Can you imagine the frustration of the adults? Although Gary was asked about what he wanted to “be” as an adult, he was really being asked about what he wanted to “do”.  This reality encourages us to “do” rather than to “be”.

What about you?  What did you learn about happiness as a child?  Has that changed? What do you know about what actually creates happiness in your life? The answer can be as simple as this: stop judging yourself and choose to be happy.

“What did you learn about

happiness as a child?”

When you are not in judgment of yourself or anything around you, things are lighter, simpler…and happier. Letting go of judgment and choosing happiness is a simple, moment-by-moment choice.

Most of us are given the idea that happiness comes from something outside of ourselves, and that puts us at the effect of events rather than at choice.  What if happiness is just a choice?  How might that change things?

The idea of happiness as a choice can seem like such a foreign concept that many people dismiss the idea before even considering it. But what if you had far more choice than you’ve ever imagined?  What if you could choose happiness at any moment?

“What if you could choose

happiness at any moment?”

Right now, think of a time when you were truly happy.  Now get the energy of that. What was that like for you?  Were you expanded? Relaxed? Did you have a sense of joy in your being?  Could you choose to be that energy right now, no matter what’s going on in your life?  Absolutely!

At times when it seems difficult to choose happiness, you can ask the question – Is this mine? This may sound odd, but 98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions don’t actually belong to you! You are picking up the mood and emotions from the people around you. When this question lightens or alleviates you—even just a little—that dissatisfaction is not yours. Just return it to sender.

“At times when it seems difficult to

choose happiness, you can ask the

question – Is this mine?”

These are ideas and energies that you can play with.  At random moments during the day, ask yourself if you are happy, and if you become aware that you are not, try choosing the energy of happiness and/or returning the emotion to sender if it’s not yours.

Being happy contributes an energy to the earth, to all of the people around you, to the entire universe that is expansive and creative.  It’s an energy that actually assists in changing what’s possible for the future.

What if you allowed yourself to become aware of the true power of happiness?  What if you were willing to choose it every day? Might that give your life and the lives of all around you more possibilities, ease and joy?

March 20 is International


Join us for a day of celebrating the choice to be happy and change the world!

Create happiness in your life. Be you – the happiest you that you can be. It’s the best gift you have to offer.

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“When is your projected happy date? What if you could just choose to be it today?” – Dr. Dain Heer


Spirits of the Earth

by Access Administrator on February 27, 2015

We all grow up in our respective cultures with stories of some sort of earth and/or nature spirits… whether they involve fairies, gnomes, water spirits, trolls or others.

We are then mostly told that these stories are only mythological and mere fantasy. But are they?

I declare that I am a friend to the spirits of the earth. I know their presence and I get their importance in the balance of life on earth.

The first time I cognitively recall perceiving spirits in the trees and water in my adult life was in New Zealand about 15 years ago, at age 20.

I grew up in southern California, and although America is a young country and California was the last of the states to be settled, there are a LOT of people there. There are more people in southern California than all of Australia and New Zealand combined x 2! The spirits of that land have long been chased away by civilization. In New Zealand, however, those spirits still live in the old trees and in the enchanted lakes and rivers.

I believe this phenomenon is partly due to the Maori population of New Zealand who do honour and know the spirits of earth.

I believe that if we honour and work with the spirits of the earth this act strengthens the earth’s immune system and creates more magic on this planet.

And so what is honoring and working with the spirits of the earth? Have you ever seen a sparkle out of the corner of your eye? Have you felt the peace and space that nature provides? Do you acknowledge when you perceive a tree communicating with you or do you think you are crazy?

If you begin to acknowledge what you are aware of when you aware of it you will begin to honour these spirits and nature. The knowing of your awareness is a huge component of creating greater for the earth.

How do you feel when someone completely ignores you when you are walking down the street versus them giving you a warm smile and acknowledging you completely with their awareness.

Does that create anything different for you?

Well, this is the same for the spirits of nature.

What would you like to create?

Do you love earth or think it is a commodity to be used at your will?

by Shannon O’Hare, CF


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