What’s Keeping You From Getting What You Want in Life?


Have you ever wondered what is keeping you from the life you desire and from what you know is possible? You are the only one powerful enough to stop you. Are you stopping yourself by creating projections, expectations, separations and rejections of yourself and others? They’re one of our favorite ways of judging, filtering and putting […]

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Child Development – A Different Take


Childhood is a time of tremendous growth and change in so many areas – physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and sexual. How many of you have been told by the experts what’s “normal” and what’s “appropriate” and what’s not? “What changes could be created on the planet, to have generations of kids who are not judged for being who they are?” […]

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Heal From Abuse & Receive the Beauty of You


Receiving is a space of vulnerability, openness and oneness with everything. When you are in the space of receiving there are no boundaries or barriers. You experience communion with yourself and the world. What is the connection between receiving and abuse? Unfortunately, “receiving” has gotten twisted up in this reality by abuse. Instead of being an experience […]

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Access Bars & The Global Neuroscience Research Foundation Team Up!

Access Bars Research

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH UPDATE The countdown has begun. We are soon launching the Access Consciousness Scientific Study. Together, the Global Neuroscience Research Foundation and you will create something greater than you can possibly imagine. We are so excited to contribute to Access Consciousness. This research is being conducted under the highest standards and therefore will […]

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