The spark of creation from a Winter Wonderland

by Access Administrator on December 14, 2014

You’re on the top of a mountain, the sun is shining on your face, and it’s quiet.

The sounds are muffled; the fresh powdered snow blankets all around you.  You hear the peace.  The space.  As you slowly breathe in the fresh air, the space and the peace fills your body from your head all the way down to the tips of your toes.

Your eyes drape over every inch of the city view below:  The trees, the buildings, the water, the boats, the sunshine and the sparkles of the city.  You soak it all in with one more deep, slow breath, as you relish being on top of the world!  A moment later, you snuggle your goggles on your face, cover your ears with your toque, bend your knees and tuck your body for speed.  Within seconds you’re flying down a glacier with a view of the city and water beyond all the white fresh powder beckoning you to play.  The wind whizzes past you as the sun warms your face.  The exhilaration is bubbling inside your entire body and the smile on your face is practically permanent.  Your skis glide effortlessly through the powered snow as the world seems to create a path for you to play on where no one else has ventured.  You could swear the trees are smiling with gratitude as you soar through them with pure joy and exhilaration.  You are totally alive!

This is the beauty of skiing:  A place where you can be the rush, the peace, the joy, the calm and exhilaration all at the same time.  In the middle of nature and the elements, you become one with everything and everything becomes one with you.  Nothing matters…and everything is possible.

Would you like to create a space of peace, joy and exhilaration? Next time you’re on the slopes, try this: At the top of the slope, before you are ready to ski or board down, ask your body to expand.  Then ask to be aware of the snow below your feet.  Then ask to be aware of the snow on the run you are on.  Then ask to be aware of all the snow on the entire mountain you’re on in all directions.  Then ask to be aware of every tree, every ray of sunshine or flake of falling snow, every air molecule and every molecule that makes up the mountain you are on.  Now ask to expand to be aware of every molecule in the entire universe in all directions.

Do you sense the energy?  Do you sense the space?  Do you sense the joy these molecules be?

Now, be that expansive space and start your run.  Continue to expand and aware of every molecule around you, underneath you, above you and in every direction.
Ask the snow to contribute to you as you glide over it.  Ask the mountain to support you as you soar down it.  Are you receiving all the joy of every molecule that is contributing to you?
If you contract as you pass people or hit a mogul too hard or maybe going to fast for your comfort, ask to expand and ask what else is possible here?
All you have to do is ask and the universe will show you.  Nature is a wonderful place to play with this.

If you’re never gone skiing before, this might just be the time to try it!  Our very own Dain Heer joined Simone Milasas and Brendon Watts last year for his first time skiing, on the slopes of Whistler, Vancouver’s own world-renown ski resort.  This season, he’s coming back for more! (Click on the picture to the right for the instalment of Tour of Consciousness from Whistler Mountain)

Would you like to start skiing?  Ask some questions!  Is now the time?  Which mountain would be fun to play at today?  Body, would you like to ski or snow-board? (or something else?)  Which ski run would like to contribute to me right now?  Which ski run will allow me to learn with ease, joy and glory?  Where will I learn something new with ease, joy and glory today?  Body, what do you know about skiing/snow-boarding?  Universe, show me something beautiful today? And one of Dain’s simple and great questions from his ski trip last year that you can ask on the slopes: How much fun can I have?

Winter just arrived in Vancouver, Canada as we saw our first snow dump on the city.  I live in North Vancouver, on the base of one of the local mountains with a view of the water and a beach across the street.   As I left my house to go for dinner with a friend, I noticed that the rain hitting the windshield, was actually wet snowflakes. I made a comment to my friends in the car with me.  We went for a gorgeous dinner where we watched the snow flakes grow larger as they continued to dissolve upon impact with the docks and the water.  Two hours later when we drove home, the snow had started sticking to the road.  As we got off the Lions Gate Bridge and onto the highway, we entered a Winter Wonderland!  The roads were covered, the trees were heavily dusted with snow and a blanket of quiet had fallen over the city.  I put my truck in 4×4 and drove on marveling at the beauty of the snow and the speed at which it had changed our city into a beautiful snowy kingdom!  Vancouver is a city where the oceans meet the mountains for a playground of possibilities.  Usually, the snow is on the mountains and the city’s streets are clear.  Tonight, I am dazzled by the sparkle of this Winter Wonderland and at the speed at which it was created!  What wonders can each of us create?  And if you were willing to receive them, how fast would they show up?  Universe, thank you for showing me something beautiful today!!

What else would you like to create this year?  What have you not been asking for in case you can’t have it or choose it or create it?  What if something else truly is possible?  Would you be wiling to find out?

We’d like to invite you to jumpstart your year to creating a totally different possibility.  Join us for some cool skiing, hot classes with Dain and Gary, some fun, joy and laughter in a Winter Wonderland!  What if a blanket of sparkling white snow was the beginnings of your creation?

For more information on the Vancouver classes February 2015, please go here:
Level 2 and 3 with Dain Heer, February 14-17, 2015:

Advanced Body Class with Gary Douglas, February 18-20, 2015:

Dain’s A Taste of Being, Feb 16, 2015 (no pre-reqs):

by Karlina van der Weij



by Access Administrator on December 11, 2014

There’s an Access Consciousness Bars point called “Healing”.  As healing is one of the most misunderstood concepts in this reality, it’s worth taking a look at the misconceptions that most of us have as well as looking at what “healing” actually is.  Before reading on, it might be an interesting exercise to take a moment and ponder what the word healing means to you. Since our point of view creates our reality – getting clear on just what your points of view are, can create enormous amounts of freedom!

Most of us got our ideas about healing from the medical profession. The idea is that they are there to “heal the sick”. In taking the Hippocratic Oath, physicians “swear, upon a number of healing gods, to uphold specific ethical standards.” (Wikipedia) The phrase “The healing professions” is widely used these days to refer to a variety of people including psychotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and others who profess to be there to heal others.  The idea here is that healing comes from the outside.  The person receiving the “healing” is basically at the effect of the “healer”.  Is that how you have seen things?  That healing is something that is done to you and comes from outside of you?

What if just the opposite were true?  What if healing came from within you and not from someone (or something – as in medicine) from the outside? This is not about never consulting doctors or other “healing” professionals; it’s about each of us connecting with our bodies and allowing our own knowing to call the shots, rather than making someone else the all knowing expert.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios: #1. You experience what you call a pain in your knee.  You could conclude that it is arthritis, or that it was the result of a ski accident from long ago, etc. and go a doctor to have your diagnosis confirmed and get some pain medication.  He will most likely agree with you, and you all can discuss possible surgery in the future or perhaps agree that there is little that can be done.  Have you noticed that there is not a single question in this scenario?  Here’s a different possibility: #2. You notice an intensity in your knee.  Instead of labeling it as a “pain” and coming to conclusion about what’s going on, you ask a question.  As very useful question to ask your body when you notice an intensity is:  “Body, what awareness are you trying to give me here?”  This may seem like a radical or even preposterous idea, but it’s actually very practical.  Our bodies are consciousness, and they have things to communicate with us, if we are willing to listen.  Have you ever been “sick” and during the time you were at home and resting have an awareness about something that was very helpful to you?  Have you noticed that your body will let you know, if you pay attention, what and how much it likes to eat and drink?  The more we allow ourselves to connect with our bodies, and listen to them, the easier life gets! Let’s get back to the example.  When you ask your body: “Body, what’s going on here?”, you may find that something pops into your awareness.  It could be an awareness of how you’ve let someone or something “cut you off at the knees” or it could be something else.  One thing that we can all do is take symptoms out of other people.  You can ask:  Is this mine?” if the energy lightens up at all, it’s not yours and you can say: “return to sender please!” There is never a “one size fits all” answer as to what a particular symptom means, which is why it’s so useful to ask lots of questions!

Occasionally a body will choose to go to a doctor.  You can ask your body: “Body, would you like to go to the doctor and/or would you like to get some medication?” This may take a little practice, but your body will let you know if you ask, usually by lightness or heaviness of energy.  If you do go to a doctor, listen politely to what he says, then, when you leave, ask your body: “Body, which of those eight things would be helpful to you?”  If it’s one, four and seven, do those and not the others.  Please remember that your body knows itself better than anyone else could!

One last thing: each of us is responsible for our own healing. This may seem scary, but actually, knowing this can give you much more control of your life and your body.

The next time you experience an intensity in your body, what if you asked a series of questions rather than jumping to a conclusion?

What would your life be like if you acknowledged that YOU were the one responsible for your healing? Might that give you more freedom with your body than you ever knew was possible?

In the video above  Dr Dain Heer explores the question “What if your body is your best friend?” Click on the picture or here to watch it.

You can explore more about The Bars here by listening to one the Voice America Shows on the topic of The Bars.


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